About Us

A & Y Educational Conect is a dynamic and passionate, Education Consultancy Company. Always having you in mind, our aim is to bring a professional standard of education counselling. We specialize on helping prospective students wishing to study abroad such as  UK, US, Canada, Australia ,United Arab Emirates, Malaysia China, Cyprus, Romania, Ukraine, Hungry, South Africa, Egypt,  Ghana and lots more.

Building a future is an important step in the life of each person. The choice of your degree and where to study it are definitely one of the first steps in your career, which can have many consequences along your entire career pathway.  This is why it is so important to make sure that the decisions which are being made are the correct ones.  A & Y Educational Conect will help you in finding the answers to all your questions, guiding you with wise advice along all your decisions.

What is more, travelling abroad for the first time is not easy without anyone to support you. Therefore, our team, which consists on a group of specialist within each department, provides broad expertise that can be called on when needed, coming out with outstanding results.

At A&Y Educational Conect we place students on the heart of our business with lots of  partner universities and colleges worldwide, we offer a variety of services specifically tailored to suit each of your needs. You can benefit from our complete International Education Counselling experience from help with your application to advice on academic and professional pathways at the end of your studies.


May 2020